Option to change the look / order of the remap keys

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I'm slowly changing from VIA to VIAL and since you people actually care about the community I had an idea.

When I change the layout of my keyboard I have a hard time finding the right keys.
I know they are in an alphabetical order but wouldn't it be easier if the keys we're like an actual full size keyboard or like a base kit render?

So you automatically know where the keys are or at least will have an easier time to find the keys.

Or have like have different ways to order the keys like they have it on stores like how they allow you to order from price low -> high etc, so if someone likes the default look, like how it is right now they still have the option to keep it like that.

It would be one of the big advantages that VIAL would have over VIA imho.

the same for like (App, Media and Mouse) where you'd order the "F keys" separately, the media keys so its easier to find.

Other than that, VIAL is great so far! Thanks!

Done Suggested by: rabbit Upvoted: 20 Jun, '23 Comments: 2

Comments: 2